Premium Baby Hiking Carrier

We believe in engaging children’s senses with the ever-changing beauty of nature. We believe that outdoor adventure and fresh air have no substitute.

Our Panda Child Carrier

Surprises you by how light your child feels on your back.
Brings your toddler on outdoor adventure.
Simplifies your travels.

Provides shade and protects against the body-heat transfer that occurs with soft carriers.

Forget screens and indoor games; let's teach our children from a very young age to love being outside.

Children 7 months of age to 4 years

A child must have good head control and sit upright unassisted (usually 6-8 months of age).

The carrier has a weight limit of 20 kg - an average 4-year old boy, or 5-year old girl. We recommend carrying children smaller than 120cm.

What reviewers say

When your 18-month-old is trying to climb into the carrier each time she sees it you know you have a winner on your hands. [Baby Hints and Tips]

It performed very well and didn’t let up even with heavy use. The Panda Child Carrier is a quality carrier from start to finish which made good on all it’s claims. [Mummy Confessions]

I suspect if we’d had the Panda Carrier when our kids were little my partner would have carried them a lot more. [Parenting Central]

Your bub is safe

Your child will be strapped into a secure five-point harness, so you can rest assured that he or she is safe in the carrier.

Panda will fit your body type

Adjustable torso, so the carrier fits anyone from 5ft to 6ft4.

The hip belt is 140 cm long. It can be extended up to 180 cm using the optional extender.


Both our 15 month old and 3 year old enjoyed being carried around the Flinders Ranges in the Panda Carrier. And my back felt so much better having their weight well distributed. [Mary V.]

The Panda Carrier allowed us to continue to take our son places the pram doesn’t go easily. Easy adjusting means it is easy to swap between my husband and myself depending who is out and about and the storage is great for all the toddler essentials, especially snacks at easy reach. [KAN]

The carrier is very useful when I take my daughter for a walk alone, I do not need any additional help to put her in and out and it is extremely easy to use and lightweight. She absolutely loves her carrier and sometimes she feels so comfortable that she falls asleep in it. [Luis N.]

All your necessities fit into Panda

Up to 15 litres of storage space. On top of the large under-seat pocket, the carrier has 2 mesh pockets on both sides (e.g. for a bottle and tissues), a pocket for an A4-size document, a pocket on the sunroof, a pocket for a small snack, a pocket for a wallet and a pocket for a hydration system.

30-Day Money back guarantee

What have you got to lose? If you ain't happy with Panda Carrier, just send it back to get a full refund.