Frequent questions about baby hiking carriers or Panda Child Carrier

I use Manduca/Baby Bjorn/Ergo baby. Why should I get the Panda?

Soft carriers are great for small babies. But once your child can sit on her own and is more active, a Panda will be a more enjoyable experience for both of you. Read more about it here.

Is the backpack carrier heavy?

A Panda weighs only 2.8 kg and because it is fully adjustable, you carry most of the weight on your hips. So once your toddler can sit upright, Panda is more comfortable than other types of carriers.

How long can a child be in the carrier?

We recommend less than 2 hours. But your toddler might want to play or be active even sooner.

How much storage is in the carrier?

Up to 15 litres of storage space. On top of the large under-seat pocket, the carrier has 2 mesh pockets on both sides (e.g. for a bottle and tissues), a pocket for an A4-size document, a pocket on the sunroof, a pocket for a small snack, a pocket for a wallet and a pocket for a hydration system.

Which hydration system fits into the carrier?

We recommend using hydration bladders with up to 2 litres of water. You can buy a hydration bladder in the accessories.

Do you deliver for free to rural areas?

Yes we do. Just expect, that it might take 7 business days to deliver the carrier.

How long does it take to deliver the carrier?

It depends on your location. Adelaide is usually within 1 business day, Melbourne and Sydney up to 3 days, Darwin and Perth up to 5 days, rural areas up to 7 days. Check our Estimated delivery page.

When can a child start using the carrier?

A child must have a good head control and sit upright unassisted (usually 6-8 months of age)

How tall can a child be?

It mostly depends on the height of her/his upper body. We tested Panda Carrier with a 6-year old girl as tall as 4.5 ft. The seat was in the lowest position, stirrups on the longest straps and the girl felt comfortable even under a sunroof.

What is the maximum age of a child?

The real limit is a weight of a child. On average, a 4-year old boy or a 5-year old girl are approaching the 20 kg limit.

Can the carrier travel as carry-on luggage?

The carrier is too long to go on an aircraft as carry-on luggage. From experience, by the time you carry your snacks, entertainment, pillows, and other travelling essentials on with you, you may not want it with you in the cabin anyway. However it will travel for free as checked-in luggage with the majority of airlines (e.g. Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin). Read more about it here.

 Do you provide a pouch or a travel bag for the carrier?

Major airlines will give you a free plastic bag where you can put the carrier for safe travels. It is more convenient than a dedicated bag. So, we don't provide a special travel bag/pouch. However, we would recommend checking with your airline before you travel to ensure bags for travel are provided - otherwise you could use the bag the carrier has been sent to you in.

Does the carrier pack flat?

The cockpit packs quite flat, and you can fold the kickstand, plus you need space for shoulder straps and a hip belt. 

Compact Panda

Do you have a brick and mortar shop?

No, we don't. Panda Carriers are only available online and occasionally at  exhibitions and markets.

Do you ship overseas?

We can ship to Singapore and New Zealand. In some cases we may still be able to offer the shipping inclusive price, and will liaise with you to discuss individual freight charges.

Where is your warehouse?

We ship the carriers from Adelaide. 

How do I put the raincover on Panda Child Carrier?

The following video will help you. Click here.

How do I add a hydration bladder?

The following video will help you. Click here.

Some of your items are out of stock. When will you be getting them in?

At this stage we will not be restocking out-of-stock items (including red and blue Pandas, and sleeping pillows) until 2024, so please join our mailing list and stay tuned for updates.