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Panda Child Carrier

Nature becomes a playground for all of you. First steps will slowly turn into bushwalking. All senses engaged by ever changing beauty of real world.

Hi, we are Marie and Petr

We have come a long way to bring you products which retain joy in parenting. For every piece of work, we ask ourselves “Will this make your life easier and more enjoyable?”.

Our mission is to encourage parents to stay active and keep adventure in their lives by taking their children along.

Our products are designed to last and serve

The best materials and quality craftsmanship are put to baby carriers which you will happily take to adventures. When you are exploring the Australian bush, you want practicality and reliability.

For the same reason you would choose Leatherman tools, choose the Panda Child Carrier. If you want the best, choose the Panda Child Carrier.

Many things in a shed just collect dust. Panda Carrier is always out and about.

Making outdoor equipment since 1990

Decades of experience with design and manufacturing. We always innovate and look for best materials. You will buy the best of ourselves. All backed by our 30-Day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Why we do what we do

"Both our 15 month old and 3 year old enjoyed being carried around the Flinders Ranges in the Panda Carrier. And my back felt so much better having their weight well distributed."  Mary V.

"The Panda Carrier allowed us to continue to take our son places the pram doesn’t go easily. Easy adjusting means it is easy to swap between my husband and myself depending who is out and about and the storage is great for all the toddler essentials, especially snacks at easy reach." KAN

"The carrier is very useful when I take my daughter for a walk alone, I do not need any additional help to put her in and out and it is extremely easy to use and lightweight. She absolutely loves her carrier and sometimes she feels so comfortable that she falls asleep in it." Luis N.

Travel addicts and nature lovers

Petr’s main focus is customer satisfaction, and he does his best to help you with getting the most out of Panda Carriers. If he is working with product designers or just shipping a carrier, Petr always has you in mind.

He needs to make sense of things and loves working with facts and figures.

Marie is our art person. She designs our stalls, arranges products and has the final word when it comes to Panda’s appearance.  Marie believes in minimalism and seeks the fewest elements to create the maximum effect.

She travels a lot and often thinks about involving children in new adventures of life.

More than hiking carriers

So, if you are nature lover as we are, join us on our journey. The journey of keeping adventures in our lives and taking children along.

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