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How to fit the baby hiking carrier

A few adjustments are all Panda Carrier needs to serve you the best. If you adjust the straps correctly, your child magically feels lighter as the weight transfers to your hips. Scroll down for the video.

Fitting the backpack for you

  1. Loosen all the straps.
  2. Put some weight into the carrier.
  3. Adjust the torso length.
  4. Tighten the hip belt as much as possible.
  5. Pull down the shoulder straps.
  6. Check that the most of the weight is on your hips. If not, repeat previous steps.
  7. Pull down the load lifters to shift weight towards your body.
  8. Buckle and tighten the sternum strap – should not be tight.

Adjusting for your child

  1. Adjust the seat height
  2. 5-point harness - shorten the straps and move the buckles until tight and comfortable.
  3. Stirrups length

You can follow instructions in the manual, or watch the following video:

How to fit the baby hiking backpack (video)

How to use accessories

Panda Child Carrier has a variety of accessories. The following videos will show you how to use a rain cover, a sleeping pillow or a hydration system.

Rain cover

Hydration bladder

Sleeping pillow