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August 06, 2018

Babywearing is a fantastic experience both for you and your child. The first six months of their life babies adapt to life, pick up their social skills and observe life around them. Babies need reassurance and safety, and baby carriers or baby wraps will work great for them.

Many parents love the idea of their baby seeing as much as parents do, so they look for front facing baby carriers. Although this type of babywearing is safe (if you follow the instructions), it is not natural. Babies can quickly become overwhelmed and overstimulated. In other carrying positions they can hide to the safety of your body, but not in the front facing position. They have no chance to hide. Babies feel exposed and often agitated.

The second argument against front facing carrying is the weight distribution. Front facing positions put more weight on your front and further away from your body. The carrier will pull on your lower back, and you start feeling the weight soon.

Finally, a baby's spine is not supported in the front facing position. Instead of the natural curve of your baby's spine, they might be forced into a backwards-curve in their spine.

Top 3 reasons why are front facing baby carriers bad

  1. Babies quickly become overwhelmed and overstimulated
  2. Uncomfortable for you
  3. Baby’s spine is not supported

The first year of life

During the first year of life, when babies are stronger and get good head control. They begin to turn their heads to get a better view, and their necks are quite flexible. You will be amazed at how much they can actually see even from inward facing positions. In this stage of their development, you might start thinking about carrying them on your back. Back carrying is also much more comfortable for you.

When your child can sit upright and have good head control, it is the time when you should consider framed baby carriers as is Panda Child Carrier. You child get a better view, both of you are comfortable, and you don't have to juggle with your child to put him in the position. And when you child feels overstimulated, he can always hide in the carrier.

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