March 25, 2023

Autumn is a beautiful season for hiking with toddlers in Australia. The heat of the summer has died off, the leaves are changing colours, and the weather is crisp and mild. Here are five reasons to take your toddler out in a Panda Child Carrier this Autumn.

1. Stunning Scenery

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year. From the snow-capped mountains of Victoria to the eucalyptus forests of Western Australia, the scenery is nothing short of breath-taking across the country. The leaves on the trees change colour from green to gold, orange, and red, and children can learn about the changing seasons and the natural world around them.

Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens 

2. Mild Weather

Autumn weather is perfect for hiking. The temperatures are mild, and there is less humidity. The summer winds have dropped off and it's not too hot or too cold, making it comfortable for everyone to enjoy the hike with just a few thin layers. And not to mention, there's less bitey creatures around too.

The best hiking weather is when it is cool enough to wear long arms and legs, but not so cold it is uncomfortable!

3. Educational Opportunities

Hiking in Autumn provides excellent opportunities for children to learn about nature. They can observe the changes in the leaves, learn about different types of trees, and discover new plant and animal life. By May mushrooms and toadstools are in full bloom in many forests, providing delightful opportunities to hunt for fairies or simply count all the different types and colours you can spot (making sure they learn to not touch any!). It's a great way to teach children about the natural world and the environment, and about how to stay safe around things that are potentially harmful.

Hunting for toadstools can be so much fun in May

4. Physical Activity

Hiking is a great way to get outside and active. It provides a healthy and fun way for both parents and toddlers to exercise and burn off energy. Hiking also helps children develop their coordination, balance, and strength. It's a great way to spark a love of the outdoors and set children up for an active and healthy future.

5. Family Bonding

Hiking in Autumn is a great way for families to spend time together. It provides a chance to disconnect from technology and spend quality time in nature. It's an opportunity to make memories and share experiences that will last a lifetime.


If you haven't yet made plans over Easter or for the rest of Autumn, think about checking out some of your local walking trails with your tiny explorers. It's a chance to enjoy the great outdoors, learn about nature, and create lasting memories with loved ones.

In South Australia, our favourite walking spots are around some of the reservoirs, Kuitpo Forest, or Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens. We'd love to hear what some of your favourites are across the country!

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