The best baby hiking carrier

Choose the best baby hiking carrier

Baby hiking carriers might look similar, but they aren't all built to the same standards. The differences between a cheap hiking carrier and a premium carrier such as the Panda Carrier can be highly noticeable over a few kilometres of hiking. 

The best baby and toddler hiking carriers have a lightweight frame which is sturdy and durable. Fabrics used on the carrier need to be hard-wearing on carrier's body and soft in areas where your child rests her head. The carrier has to be easily washable.

Baby hiking carriers needs to be stable on the ground, which requires a big kickstand. You still should not leave your child on her own but if the baby hiking carrier is designed well, securing it with a foot is enough.

Well-designed baby hiking carriers utilise the mechanical unloading design to reduce strain on your shoulders and spine. They feature adjustable torso length, well-padded shoulder straps, curved hip-belt and load-lifters. Then the child’s weight needs to be as close to your centre of gravity as possible. It requires a clever system of weight distribution.

Your little passenger needs to be safe and comfortable. Safety means that your child is strapped to a five-point harness, can’t slip from the carrier, and their head is protected from the direct sun. An integrated and removable sunroof is usually better than an optional add-on. Those are often bulky and difficult to fold, which you need to do whenever your child goes in and out of the hiking carrier.

Comfort for your child means that the carrier has an adjustable seat height and the child’s feet are supported by adjustable stirrups. The best toddler backpack carrier has a removable chin-pad made from soft materials, so when your child leans forward to rest or sleep, she is comfortable.

When you look for the best baby carrier for hiking with toddlers, you can expect many practical features. Two grab handles simplify putting the carrier on. The carrier should have many pockets - side pockets for easy access, a big under-seat pocket for the rest. A lot of storage space make organising essentials for your adventure a breeze.

You appreciate if the carrier supports a hydration system to keep you hydrated. Panda Child Carrier has a pocket for a 2L hydration bladder and on a shoulder strap is a velcro loop to hold a nozzle.

The optional rain cover can save your day when the weather gets awry, and the optional fly net protects your child against annoying mozzies. And does your toddler love to sleep on hikes?  While you enjoy the scenery, your little one can rest on a comfy pillow.

All in all, Panda Carrier is designed for active families and people who love to travel. It is the toddler carrier designed and manufactured for you. The carrier which grows with your child and is an absolute must for outdoorsy people with young children.

You might hesitate to choose Panda Carrier because there are cheaper alternatives on the market. But it is the mix of features which make our carrier the best. And if for some reason it isn't right for you, we offer a month of worry-free returns.