The child carrier backpack for your 2 year old

3 steps to carry your toddler comfortably

1) Carry him on your back

Front carrying is fantastic when children are young, but benefits slowly disappear as they grow. Your back is much more suitable for carrying heavy loads. Think about Himalayan Porters. 

2) Transfer his weight onto your hips

Hips are the best place to carry the weight of your child. No more strain on your shoulders and spine. You can carry him all day on your hips, as opposed to a few minutes on your shoulders. 

3) Detach him

Toddlers are curious and love to move. They also generate heat as much as you do. Keeping them in a detached cockpit make both of you more comfortable.

You and your child will love your walks

There are many baby carriers on the market, but only baby hiking carriers will get you comfort and practicality.

- Unbeatable outdoors

- Fantastic for travels

- Practical for a city

Why a backpack carrier is the best for 2 yo?

Your toddler feels to be lighter

Well-designed baby backpack carriers distribute weight to your hips, so your child feels lighter to carry. The mechanical unloading design also reduces strain on your shoulders and spine.

You get storage

As opposite to soft baby carriers, the backpack carriers are practical. You get a lot of storage and many pockets. More than enough for a day trip.

Back carrying is easy

Have you watched a video how to back carry your child? Tricky, isn't it? The backpack carriers are different. You strap your baby in a harness and lift the carrier as a backpack.

We put the best materials and quality craftsmanship to Panda Child Carriers. For every piece of work, we ask ourselves “Will this make your life easier and more enjoyable?”.

It is the stack of features which makes Panda Carrier the best toddler carrier in Australia

You can find a baby carrier with more storage or a carrier with a bit more load. But it is the stack of features which make Panda Carrier the best for you.

Enough storage for a day

Seven pockets and 15 litres of storage is enough for a day trip. Spare clothes, sunscreen, snacks... all you need for your adventure.

Fits you well

Even if you are a big dad or a petite mum, Panda Carrier fits you well thanks to many adjustments.

Safe for your child

Your child can hide from the harsh Aussie sun under a sunroof. The 5-point harness keeps him safe.

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Panda Carrier is for children from 7 months of age to 4 years (up to 20 kg of weight). Your 2-year-old will get a lot of use from the carrier. Panda Carrier grows with your child thanks to the height-adjustable seat.


"This is such a great carrier. Well designed and well made. Love the increased weight capacity compared to some other similar carriers which means this will last me a lot longer."

Matt Von Blanckensee

"We are super impressed. Product arrived quickly, we love the colour and ease of use and our little one finds it super comfy!"

Alex Cook

"My daughter absolutely loves her carrier and sometimes she feels so comfortable that she falls asleep in it."

Luis Nieto

What if you get a 30-Day Moneyback guarantee?

A month when you can try the carrier out in different scenarios. Try if your child can drift to sleep on longer walks. Try it on a short stroll. Pack for a weekend trip. Test all you need to test to know, that the carrier is the best for you.

90% parents say, that their child needs time to adjust to a new baby carrier.

4 weekends you can test Panda Child Carrier and return it if the carrier doesn't work for your family

420 kg of bamboo leaves consumed by the Giant Panda while you test the baby carrier.

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