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July 07, 2018

Without doubts, there is something special taking your children to nature. Call it park, hike or messing by a beach. Spending time outside is the easiest way to healthy development of your child based on three pillars - education, social competence and physical exercise.

1) Physical exercise

Outdoor exercises prevent obesity in young children. Static sitting in front of screens also doesn’t encourage children for playing outside, and there are so many places to explore. Straight lines, right angles and artificial lighting limits their imagination. Scientists from the University of WA proved that children who play regularly in nature are sick less often. Mud, water, you name it, help to stimulate their immune system and imagination. Single-use, repetitive play equipment becomes boring quickly. That’s right, both you and children need a nature fix.

2) Social competence

Fantasy play usually begins around age 2 and peaks during the pre-schooler years. It is vital for cognitive development and helps kids acquire new information about the world around them. Eric Lindsey and Malinda Colwell published the whole study how a pretend play affects social competence in future. Chasing each other and riding horses on a stick is not only fun but also a foundation stone of their development.
Have you noticed that it is easier to talk when you are walking? Outside is so much stimulation which is a great conversation starter. Walking also trigger emotions, so it is easier to speak, and thoughts flow one after another. No technology, no business, no commitments.

3) Education

Between 18 and 30 months of age, toddlers begin to understand that objects have different properties, says Kyle Pruett from the Yale University. It’s the age when they start sorting by shapes, colours, smells, etc. The grouping impulse is an essential developmental milestone and the precursor for recognising that the letter ‘A’ differs from the letter ‘B’.
Nature is the multidimensional learning environment - something which you can’t substitute indoors. As children grow, you can introduce more complex topics. Naming plants, animals, bugs and even practise their navigation skills.

Make it a habit

Be outside, play and talk. It can be the most beneficial routine for your relationship and development of your children. Nature environment will become the safe space to express, learn and generally have a quality time. The space for education, physical exercise and social competence.

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