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June 23, 2018

Babywearing plays a big part of precious memories of parenting children. Both babies and mums love the attachment. And it is also practical. There is one thing which is often overlooked. Babywearing doesn’t stop when children start walking. It just transforms.

Parents often carry their children up to 4 years of age, and even five-year-olds sometimes ask for a free ride. So, you start with four kilograms on your chest and end with 20 kilograms on your back.

More clearly they pronounce “Mummy, up!” more difficult they are to carry.

Imagine being able to carry them past infant age without hurting your back. Keeping the lovely attachment without painful pressure on your shoulders and a stiff neck, which you often get with two-year-olds.

As days go and yours precious grow, babywearing becomes exercise. Your daily walks with bub make your body stronger. A few days off and you feel it. All goes well up to a point when your child reaches 10 kg. The weight which even dads notice.

That’s the time when you can’t compromise on weight distribution. You must have a carrier which transfers kilograms to your hips. A carrier which respects your body as much as your child. One size just doesn’t fit all.

Panda Child Carrier utilises three decades of experience with design and manufacturing of outdoor equipment. The equipment which outdoorsy people use on long hikes to carry heavy loads. We know a lot about the ideal weight distribution. And we also know, that less you carry, better it feels.

Our hiking backpack is lightweight; actually, it is the lightest of its kind. It has more than enough storage space for a day trip and is safe. Click here to know more about the carrier.

If you like to compare baby hiking carriers with soft structured carriers, click here to read more.

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