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How to go camping with a baby

How to go camping with a baby

August 15, 2018

There are many good reasons to go camping with a baby. Time spent in nature promotes emotional health. Being outside develops an appreciation for nature, improves positive emotions and self-esteem. So, how to go camping? We answered your frequently asked questions.

What age can you take babies camping?

The simple answer is... age is not a limit. Although there are parents who camped with newborns, it is much easier when a baby can sit unassisted. When your child celebrates her first birthday, (s)he will be your great camping buddy.

Should you take a cot on your camping trip?

If your child sleeps in a cot at home, a portable cot will make your camping easier. Although you need a bigger tent, otherwise the cot will take up most of the space.
Many parents found that single self-inflating mattresses work the best. A double air mattress is not recommended for co-sleeping, as you will easily disturb the sleeping baby.

Camping with a baby - hammock

How to nail afternoon naps when camping

Camping is not just getting close to nature, it is also a fantastic learning experience. When it's time for an afternoon nap, you can offer a cosy hammock. Many children love it.

If you walk a bit further from a campsite, Panda Carrier is the excellent place to sleep. You can put the framed carriers down without disturbing your sleeping child. Younger children will enjoy a comfortable sleeping pillow. The accessory fastens to a chin pad and has an adjustable angle.

Can you sleep in a tent?

Many of our Facebook followers voted that a tent is their choice when they go camping with a family. It is not just affordable but also connects you with nature. The important decision is about the size of a tent. A tent doesn't insulate sound, so you basically share the space with your whole family regardless of a number of rooms you have. The same applies to camper trailers.

Is a bonfire safe with babies?

Short days and cold nights call for having a bonfire. You will be amazed how watching flames calms even young children. Our inner caveman loves sitting around a campfire with family and enjoying stories and songs. Follow the 5 basic rules to stay safe:

  1. Teach your children how to be fire safe. 
  2. Supervise children at all times.
  3. Use hardwood to minimise throwing off sparks.
  4. Know basic first aid for burns.
  5. Keep the bonfire contained.

Camping has the clear benefit for children. It is even more current now than ever. Many children are more confident using iPads than navigating around a campsite. Camping introduces toddlers to a new world and teaches them overcoming new problems and challenges in the most natural way.

P.S. The photo at the top is from the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park in South Australia.

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