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March 18, 2019

Do you have a child with disability? The young child who loves watching wildlife, smelling flowers and enjoy being outside. The child who just can't walk easily and a stroller won't get him (her) everywhere?

If she can sit upright unassisted and weighs less than 20 kg, then a baby hiking carrier will be the solution. You secure your child in a harness, so she is safe and comfortable. The stirrups support her legs, the harness holds her in the cockpit and the adjustable seat is high enough so she can see over your shoulders.

If your child is happy in a car seat, or can even use a medical walker, then Panda Child Carrier will bring a bit more fun to his life. The child won't be crammed up, can move in the carrier, but still is supported and secured in the harness. You can adjust the cockpit space to make the child comfortable.

Jane's story

Jane, diagnosed with Cerebral palsy, celebrated her 2nd birthday a few months ago and recently learnt to crawl unaided. The girl is determined to live her full life, and her mum said that Jane loves her time in Panda Child Carrier. It is also much easier to handle her. Jane feels to be lighter when she is in the hiking carrier.

Jane received Better Start funding for Panda Child Carrier. Our experience is that it takes 2-3 months to process the payments. It is a very long time, so we help families by sending the carrier to them as soon as we get the order. We believe that you should start making memories with children when they are ready, not when funding is approved.

Funding of the baby hiking carrier

HCWA and Better Start, the fundings our customers have used, are transitioning to the NDIS which works differently. Children are referred to the Early Childhood Partner in the location. You need to ask your Occupational Therapist about using the baby hiking carrier. NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) support is tailored to a child and an approved NDIS plan can include a budget for Panda Child Carrier in the Capital type of support.

Contact us if you have a child with disability to check how we can help.

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