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August 22, 2018

Active grandparents, willing to occasionally take care of grandkids, improve the lives of the whole family. Kids get the extra emotional support, parents time to recharge and grandparents the social interaction. And not just that.

Did you know, that grandparents who babysit live longer? The study based on the data from the Berlin Aging Study shown that mortality hazards for people who provided non-custodial childcare were 37% lower. The study investigated people aged 70 or older living in Berlin, Germany.

When I heard that Bettina, one of our customers, bought Panda Child Carrier for carrying her grandson, I smiled. Staying physically active, stimulated and socially engaged helps to live a fulfilled life. After you've lived for a while, you realise what has value. Your family has value. The simple things have value. Nature has value.

The study is not perfect. The dataset does not include information about participants' motives for caregiving. The benefits have been found when the caregiving was not reciprocity-oriented, and the study doesn't reflect that.

Let's leave the study, facts and risk factors aside. If you do what you love, curious grandchildren will make you smile. Walking in nature is the fantastic activity. Take your toddler to one of our amazing national parks. We know, that engaged two-year-olds can walk 5 km long trail. But if he gets tired, a baby carrier comes in handy.

Read about hiking with toddlers: Click here to read.

The study: Evolution & Human Behavior, Volume 38, Issue 3

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